Random autograph of the day: Matt Drews

Matt Drews was the Yankees’ 1st round pick in 1993. He might be known as the guy taken between Billy Wagner and Derrek Lee, or the guy taken ahead of Torii Hunter, or perhaps the Yankees’ first round pick the year after they snagged Derek Jeter. Or perhaps, maybe, as the first of many Yankees first round duds in a long line that lasted nearly 15 years. Drews had promise, going 15-7 with a 2.27 ERA in Single A in 1995, but he contracted Steve Blass Syndrome and went 1-14, 5.56 the year after that, then 9-13, 5.59 after that, then 5-17, 6.57 after that, then 2-14, 8.27 after that. Apparently, his big league clubs had faith in his ability through it all, as he spent 5 of his 7 seasons at Triple A. 


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